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It’s been a crazy week.  Pretty stressful, but there have been moments of calm, too.  We went on a staff retreat to Grand Isle State Park, and driving over Lake Champlain while the sun set?  Incredible.  It took my breath and then gave it back.

I am getting lots of opportunities to practice letting go of what I can’t control, and to be proactive about what is in my hands.  The other day tears crept up my throat while I was on the phone asking about health insurance (everyone who knew anything was out of the office due to the shutdown), so I put the phone down and took a deep breath.  I was leading salsa-making in the teen center that afternoon, and so I got to work planning.  We made salsa, and in those moments of chopping and mixing and mincing I lost my mind in the best way possible.  Everything else floated away while we made something nourishing with our many hands.  Joy.

My co-worker inspired me to pick up some yarn and start knitting again.  It’s getting closer to knitting weather every day.

I have started and re-started this new scarf I’m working on and it feels like some kind of analogy for getting back on the horse, and things falling apart, and — to tell you the truth I am getting tired of the analogies this week.  I just want things to be easy.  But I’ve lived long enough to know the easy usually comes after the really hard.

So I’ll be here, raveling and unraveling.  Literally and metaphorically, probably.

. . .

In the meantime, life goes on, and here are some links:

I’m in this article about the food swap!  It’s a great article by an awesome local freelance food writer.

I don’t have good words for this, but just look.  You’ll be charmed.  It’s adorable and weird.  Kind of like someone else you know.  Ok, now I’m worried you won’t look if I don’t say more: an illustrator draws faces and lets her 4 year old draw the bodies, and look what happens!

R.E. this whole shutdown business: The Queen is pissed.

Government Shutdown Pickup Lines!  My fave: “Do you work for the government?  Because you shut. it. down.”  If someone used one of these on me I would be so happy.

The next food-swap is on October 20th in Waitsfield.  Let’s go!

This song keeps playing on public radio, and I’m good with it.

Finally, a lid for canning jars that doesn’t leak!


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  1. It’s interesting how all the four year olds drew the bodies in a similar way with a large core and skinny short arms and leg. Perhaps this is because of their drawing abilities at that age, or maybe it’s actually how they perceive the body. Interesting link.

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