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sarah and jess food swap

salad in a jar

beet pasta salad  

october food swap bounty

lately . . .

saw a dog, wanted a dog.  can’t have a dog.  yet.  because of my apartment which has a finger-quotes “yard”.

dreaming of the home i want.  chickens, garden, happy kitchen, lots of light.  maybe bees and bunnies.  dog.

starting all kinds of crafty projects: lavender candles, vanilla extract, infinity scarf.

another food swap, as you can see from photos above.  this time with sarah!  yay sarah!  we made apple chutney and pumpkin woopie pies with vermont maple cream cheese.  bam!  i also threw together a pesto beet pasta salad. it was pink.  everyone brought amazing food, as usual, and i went home with a happy belly.

watched a rugby game, which was basically a girl-on-girl brawl with lots of tackling.

i got bogs!  so now i’m readier for winter and really a vermonter.  i arrived here with rarely-shaven legs, a liberal leaning, and canning/kitchen prowess – but the bogs have really sealed the deal.

life’s good!  i’ve been stressing out a tiny bit (this is an outright lie) about work and i had a date with a weirdo (who referred to the act of spreading lovingkindness as “a delicious rebellion” to which i replied, “isn’t rebellion the antithesis of lovingkindness?” because i was in a bad mood and who saaaays that?  really?  reeeeeeally!) and i am conferenced out (not to mention one conference workshop included balloons, and i have a major issue with balloons because they make me feel really anxious and when the balloons came out i said “i don’t do balloons” [such an american expression] and they women at my table were incredibly concerned – “latex allergy?  how bad is it?  is it only when you touch them?  can you be around them?” so i just said yes because emotionally i am super allergic to latex in the context of balloons.  our whole table of concerned ladies sat out the activity in support of my special need.  i excused myself to pee because my emotional allergy to latex was really heating up even though i wasn’t physically touching the balloons.)

wow. that was a long story.

anyway, i’m behind on blogging.  more canning 101 posts are coming soon, and a giveaway will arrive either tonight or tomorrow, so keep your purdy eyes peeled.

in the meantime, while you’re waiting for the giveaway, might i suggest listening to this song on repeat?

thanks to sarah for the photos, and for being the best.


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