I went on a walk yesterday.  The sky was gray and soft, and everything was quiet.  Winter is beautiful because you can really hear.  My rain boots made rings on the swimming-pool sidewalks, and the slosh was like bells or the song of tiny chirping birds.  Frothy water was frozen at the lake’s shore, and the air was cold enough that I could see my breath, but not so cold to take it from me.  I saw circles in the cores of trees, and spirals in the water rushing around the city streets, and I thought about age and time and the journey.

I was thinking about rings because I am 27 now.  I’m excited for year 27 – it’s a magic number for me.  On a 27th I flew to Hungary to teach ESL and learn about pain, paprika and how to be at home anywhere.  On another 27th I flew back to California to unpack in all the ways one can unpack and to start and then stop a jam-making business, and on yet another 27th I hopped in my car and moved to Vermont.  And now, here I am.  27 years on this earth, this time around at least.  More rings on my tree.  More trips around the sun.  I’m getting closer to something.

Although the day itself felt uneventful, I am excited about this new year.  I just have a good feeling about it.  And while I didn’t really make resolutions, there are a few things I want for myself in 2014.


I want to let things come to me, and I don’t want to need much.

I want to harness that calm and forward-moving energy, especially at work.

I want to accept things for what they are.  This includes me.

I want to move my body more, and I want to sweat.

I want to sprout and brew and ferment and experiment more in the kitchen.

I want to write and sing and strum more.

I want to nurture my relationships.

I want to let go of everything that does not serve me.

I want to get out of the way.

I want to stop judging so that I’ll have time to love.


Here’s to a year of love, growth, and getting out of the way.  I know we’ll get everything we need.



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  1. Lovely post and what wonderful sentiments!
    Happy Birthday! Here’s to a wonderful year!
    Thanks for sharing the lovely post :)

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